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English Recitation Bee




昨年はネイティブのイングリッシュ・ティーチャーにテープを作ってもらい、発音に気をつけて「Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone」を朗読しました。

2010年のテーマは「England」。課題として「The Brownie Story」が与えられています。

The Brownie Story

The cottage on the edge of the wood was in an awful mess. There were dishes to be washed, clothes to be ironed and toys scattered all over the floor. Tommy and Betty didn't care. They hated boring old housework. "What I am going to do?" their mother sighed. "I can't keep the cottage tidy. If only we had a Brownie!"

" What's a Brownie?" asked Tommy. "A Brownie is a magical little creature, which slips into houses very early before anyone is awake. It tidies toys, irons clothes, washes dishes and does all sorts of helpful things in secret," replied his mother.

こんなふうに物語が始まります。イギリスとアメリカでは多少ストーリーが変わりますが、アイリッシュの妖精を思わせる物語ですね。全文はこちら »

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