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Architecture Tours

I have a select area on Riverside Drive that focuses on Beaux Arts style, early twentieth century architecture, and of course, Art Deco where I introduce particular historical and personal elements that make that building notable.

If it is only Art Deco that you want, that’s midtown and covers a six block area which has the highest concentration of Art Deco buildings in NYC, or the World for that matter.

Museum Tours

New York City, as you may have heard has some unique and inviting Museum spaces. Young or old, you’ll enjoy them all. However, there are many, too many in fact, lesser museums focusing on particular subjects only as opposed to the larger museums devoted to an array of subjects. Tell me what genre/elements you want to “see,” and I will see to it we find the museum you are looking for because New York has it all.

I listed the museum tour category here as the subject matter of the museum, private or public, will be of interest to me to a I look at things from an historical and artistic point of view. This will inevitably lead to a discussion and will pique your interest, too, no matter how boring a particular museum subject may be. Hey, what’s your interest.

Tailor-made Tours

This is a custom made tour using elements from YOU, the client given to me, where I can make it feasible, attractive and resulting in an ENJOYABLE tour.

My motto is: “The impossible I do right away. The miraculous takes a little longer.“

I only do tours within the 5 boroughs, AND special considerations can be considered within reason; just ask me!

Example : You’d like a daytime tour of Harlem and its environs. This could be a Gospel or Jazz Tour.

All My Tours are Walking Tours. I am amenable to your needs and can customize your tour. Tell me what YOU want, and I’ll arrange it At Cost! It is recommended that you, the Tourist have Traveller’s Insurance for your tour in New York.

English Lesson Tours

I will assess your English ability within our first contact.


After twenty-five years of teaching English to foreigners, three minutes of communicating with you, I can distinguish your aural and spoken English ability.

Basic level English speakers will enjoy this tour as I will as you will be my students for the day and the tour is student-centered.

For advanced level “students,” I will make it more challenging with a question-answer approach.

I will ask you the student/tourist questions about the site we are visiting and discuss it and I can focus on using a corrective grammar approach, including vocabulary and idiomatic usage.

Let’s Enjoy English!


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